walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

The Surprisingly Persistent Temporary Chairs

On the 17th of September, 1994, I bought a table and 6 chairs. I wanted the table, but I was broke. My then-husband and I were in the process of getting a divorce and he had cleaned out our accounts. While he ultimately put that money towards paying down credit card debt he had racked up, the effect at the time was to leave me with whatever I had from the current paycheck and any future ones. Fortunately, I had a good job at DEC at the time. Anyway, I needed a table and chairs, since my parents had demonstrated their true colors by responding to me getting a divorce and ceasing to be a Jehovah's Witness by asking for a bunch of furniture they had given me back, along with the keys to their house. Sort of the opposite of supportive.

In any event, I needed a table and chairs, and I was at my favorite used furniture store, Nasty Jack's in Anacortes. I wanted the table. It was perfect in every way, but a little more than I thought I could spend, if I wanted to have any left for chairs. I sent a friend off to negotiate, and he came back with an even higher price tag -- that included six chairs. It was a reach, but I took it, figuring I'd replace the chairs in a year or so when the divorce was final and I'd saved up some money.

The chairs _finally_ permanently exited my life today. For what it's worth, I did not actually live with them for the duration of 2004-2010. Still, I had more than enough money to replace them -- I actually _had_ replaced them -- but hadn't made them go away affirmatively.

They are gone.

We are glad. And HGRM was really happy to receive them.
Tags: daily activities, decluttering

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