walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities Include: napping, a long walk, lunch at Benjarong

I feel awful today. I have a horrible sore throat and the cold is going into my chest. Bleah. Please feel sorry for me. I took a nap after the kids went to school.

After I got up, R. and I walked over to Great Hill and did the two mile yellow-blazed main loop. I was very, very tired after this. We stopped at Benjarong and had lunch. Yum. Also, we went into Ace and picked up some LED fake tea lights, so I could put some of the holders I excavated from the tool chest a weekish ago. I've been unbelievably paranoid about kids and candles so it's nice to have a substitute for tea lights. I only bought one package of six and I'm trying to avoid the temptation to go nuts with these things. They are sort of fun, but supposedly skeuomorphism is Out and I'm already opposing white-on-white decorating styles. I'd hate to become the person who is hopelessly old-fashioned and doesn't even know it.

The frames are done on the four watercolors. These had frames (in one case, a really nice frame; not so great for the others) already, but I wanted them to be uniformly framed and matted, to a uniform external dimension. They were close but not identical in size, so the matte opening is a little different from one to the next. I had a small panic when I picked them up and realized I'd just paid that much money to have a brown matte with a brown frame, but once R. hung them, we agreed that the whole thing is completely fantastic -- but when we're all caught up on everything else, we should probably do a lighting plan for the master bedroom.
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