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Today's Activities Include: Grains

I've been wanting to make some [ETA: brownies] for a while. I just used the BH&G recipe for cake brownies, subbing oil for the melted butter and soy milk for the milk. I screwed up and doubled the cocoa powder. Oh, woe is me! [ETA: Brownies was in the subject line, but then I changed it. Thanks to R. for catching the resulting lack of an antecedent.]

I _almost_ made them with white flour, but then decided the spelt kernels were getting a little long in the tooth and needed to be used. I ran half and half spelt and soft white, figuring I was only going to be using it in quick breads/cakes/etc. anyway.

We got the Eden Organics shipment today, so there are new, 50 lb bags of soft white and hard red in the pantry; I actually had run them all the way down and the containers in the cupboard were mostly empty, too. With this order, I got some barley and brown rice, too. I _think_ I can cook the barley in the rice cooker. Also, if for some reason I decide I want a closer approximation to all-purpose, I can use barley with wheat kernels in the mill.

R. claims that barley and bacon make a nice soup. I'm a little skeptical. We'll see.

The directions on the bag suggest cooking it with kombu (which I'm a little embarrassed to admit we have a bag of that is largely untouched). R.'s comment was that this seems very macrobiotic.
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