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Today's Activities Include: 4 More Boxes

A couple years ago, the contents of a storage unit and some of a two bedroom condo in Seattle arrived here in a moving van. The storage unit wasn't that large, and wasn't that full, nor was the condo. Nevertheless, it is exactly the kind of disaster that leads to appearing on a cable TV show about hoarders.

The good news is that I went through a lot of it immediately. Also in good news, we have a full, unfinished basement that is more than capable of storing this kind of nonsense indefinitely (dry, not needed for living purposes, etc.). The bad news is, once I got through a lot of it, what was left was Harder Decisions. I poked at it occasionally, but these last few weeks are the first time I've managed sustained attention. Partly this is a result of finally have a good sense of where to send things that we are done with (hooray for HGRM; I am so happy they take my still-has-use-left-in-it-stuff I gave them money this year to make sure they continue to excel at what they do so well). Partly it's some health problems abating. Partly it is the kids both having good school placements.

In any event, R. and I got rid of 4 boxes worth of stuff in the basement. One of the boxes was candles and candle holders. There were a couple of really nice candles and slightly more decent candle holders. There were also a lot of partly used candles, tea lights and unbelievably unappealing, inexpensive holders for same. We're not sure who these belonged to, and since the stickers on them said things like .99 at Hallmark, I figured it didn't really matter. They're all gone now. A few items got sorted into one of the boxes of stuff from one of the renters (it'll eventually make its way to them, or, at least, their storage unit). The last of the Denby Boston Spa set went to HGRM (this was a bit of a shock: it had once been a set of at least 8 and _I_ think more like a dozen full place settings. All of the dinner plates are gone [ETA December 1: Aha! The dinner plates have been found. There were 8 left, which means _more_ of them survived than anything else.] and the cups, bowls, lunch plates and saucers were reduced to a 4 place setting with a few extra -- in the 6 years I wasn't in the condo but the plates were, over a thousand dollars worth of pretty good china/stoneware was destroyed or went missing). The full Haviland demi-tasse set (it was in the sideboard, which was never opened, unlike the kitchen cabinets) survived completely intact and I reassembled it from various crates and boxes. I'm still not sure it'll ever get used, but it's pretty so I'm keeping it.

Some more of the Mikasa crystal showed up; it rejoined the rest of the set. A few other odds and ends of antique china reappeared and rejoined the rest of what I had found during previous forays. We also found _still more_ kitchen knives; those also went to HGRM after some sharpening/straightening. Most exciting (hey, it doesn't take much), I found the hot dog bun and hamburger bun pans I was looking for and the (unused) checkerboard cake pan, along with some other kitchen odds and ends. Oh, and R. was excited to find my thermapen (didn't even need a new battery) -- he'd never bought one because he thought it was a little too much money, but was happy to find it.

There are still boxes to be dealt with, but the end is in sight (at least of things sitting on the floor, as opposed to on shelving).
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