walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

learned all kinds of things watching an old Disney flick

Apparently, "getting impregnated is something that happens when a woman is going to have a baby". Nothing about how that might happen. Hmmm.

Ah, "The Story of Menstruation".

I won't tell you where I found it. Disney is clearly clamping down on the copyright infringement.

The shower bit is funny. Also the avoid very hot/very cold water. Heh. The posture stuff is kinda funny, too, especially in the context of that essay about Disney heroines and ballet. The constipation advice, however, is basically pretty good -- if you eat the stuff they say, you shouldn't have any folate or calcium deficiencies, both of which could contribute to cramping.

I don't know that these people ever considered endometriosis.

And never mind that the adolescents are wearing lipstick. Why is the _baby_ in the cradle wearing lipstick?

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