walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

The Tree is Up!

It has lights. It has ornaments. It is pretty. A. very much enjoys looking at it and pressing on buttons on ornaments that have music. We also put up the LED "candles" in the windows, which she also likes. She repeated her usual candle commentary ("It's very hot. Don't touch it."), but I told her they were toy candles and she could play with one. She is enjoying that.

A. and R. went to Idylwilde to acquire the tree. They went before 10 a.m. so it was apparently more or less deserted. This is about a week and a half earlier than we did this last year; hopefully, the tree will survive until at least Boxing Day, as we are hosting and it would be embarrassing if it died sooner.

And as R. noted in a comment on an earlier post, the broken Minnie ornament (along with a couple new Minnie ornaments and of course all the ones from previous years) is on the tree.
Tags: daily activities

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