walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

We Have Returned Home from T-Festivities

T-Festivities have been good to us this year. T. played tether ball with his cousin J. and they concluded (verbally) that they were friends. Very exciting! J.'s older sister A., while substantially older than A. (not quite ten years older), had fun bouncing her and taking her for piggy back rides. There was no drunkenness (altho there was apparently loud karaoke after we left on T-day). There were no arguments. The food (as always) was fantastic.

Good times.

Now that we are back, unpacked from our brief trip to Albany, we are looking forward to acquiring a holiday tree tomorrow. Every single freaking time A. saw a Christmas tree, anywhere we went, she'd start talking about how we were "missing" a Christmas tree and we should get one. Yes, dear, on Saturday. YES, already! Come on!

She's also been quite relentless in her demands to have the Minnie ornament she got on our trip to WDW this year. She broke it after owning it for all of about 5 minutes and has been impatiently awaiting its repair, presumably so she can break it again. Hopefully, we can just stick it on the tree and let her look at it and it'll survive a bit longer.

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