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a bit more about (re)design

Recently, I posted some link-fu about the overlap between de/un cluttering and interior design. I have since done a little more focused googling and realized that this overlap has more than one certification system associated with it (there's a RESA thing and an IRIS thing and blah blah bleeping blah, including some indies who slag the aforementioned). But all of it is intended to sell you about 5 days of training, some kind of certification, so you can get started in a business with the twin focus of (a) going through people's crap and making it look better using the stuff they already own (mostly) and/or (b) staging houses for sale. The two can be the same if the home is a non-empty resale. If you're trying to market yourself to stage empty new housing and/or resales, you have to be prepared to provide furniture and decorative objects.

Needless to say, the economic downturn/housing collapse and foreclosure clearing process has made this industry quite competitive vs. what it was a few years ago.

ETA: I did a search for "interior redesign" services in my area. *shudder* The before and after photos are really pretty appalling. There are completely denuded "befores" that are replaced by something that manages to combine the worst of generic and unappealing. There are semi-hoarded rooms that are stripped down to something that's not too bad, but looks ... plucked. And then there are just weird rooms where I can't figure out what I think of the before or the after -- they are clearly different, but it's far from obvious which is preferable.

Most irritating, however, is the dishonesty of the before-and-after photos: lighting, angle, amount of room shown, etc. is wildly variable, and in all the ways used to make a personal makeover look successful independent of whether anything actually changed. I can't help but feel like an honest designer could do the shot, redo the room, and then do the _same damn shot_, and then you wouldn't have to recalculate what you are looking at to account for all the angle changes. I'm okay with some lighting changes, since a room redo can drastically affect lighting.

ETA: Best summary of "interior redesign" I've seen so far:

From: http://www.interiorredesigndirectory.com/blog/

"What is Interior Redesign?
Interior Redesign, which has been frequently featured on HGTV and in many decorating magazines, is the art of transforming your home utilizing the wonderful and not so wonderful things you have accumulated over the years, with the assistance of a talented person who has a passion for making homes look beautiful. The goal is to create a space that is balanced and harmonious while reflecting the personalities of the family that lives in the home. There are many names for those that offer this service...interior redesigners, interior arrangers, interior stylists, one day decorators, visual coordinators, interior refiners...are just a few of the terms you may encounter while searching for a professional."
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