walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Surfaces Vs. Me

I'm not sure which is winning, me or the surfaces. What I _can_ say is that this family abhors a clean surface. This family is not unique in this respect; that's why interior designers and Art Objects were invented. A surface pre-occupied by a decorative item is more resistant to Stuff (not to mention Crap) than a completely unoccupied surface.

Since I generally disapprove of Decorative Items and avoid their acquisition wherever possible and purge them as soon as I can do so and not appear completely uncivilized, I get into trouble whenever I clear a surface. On the other hand, I have young offspring and therefore displayable photos; all they need is frames. Even better, frames have a tendency to walk into our space whenever my guard is down. Alas, most of these frames have a mandatory orientation enforced by a decorative bit or text or whatever. However, I got sick of the piles of don't-know-what-to-do-with-them photos and stuck them all in an otherwise empty file drawer, so I had a selection. While the 2x3 vertical and a 4x6 horizontal continue to stymie my efforts to convert unframed photos and empty frames into a sort of decorative object equivalent of benign biofilm, I did get three frames set up with pictures.

I'm still trying to identify plausible art objects to remove from the place where they breed on top of the storage unit in the living room and put on top of the recently cleared bookcases on the third floor.

Why have I attacked otherwise innocent bookshelf tops? Because things on top of bookcases become invisible to R. -- really fast. When I started listing all the things on top of the cases on one side of the room, he was really surprised by what was on the list. And when I mentioned what was on top of the stuff on the other side of the room, all he could remember was the sit-up bar.

Just for reference purposes, that's where I found _two_ of the empty picture frames.

Right now, I've got a walk coming up and then my kids start returning home. And at some point, I should finish reading _Your Inner Fish_ (which is good), for next week's book group meeting.
Tags: daily activities, decluttering

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