walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

I Want Three Little Pigs, or, More Requests from the 4 Year Old

Yesterday afternoon, she got home from school and started immediately demanding a trip to the toy store to buy three little pigs. I suggested a wolf to go with it, and she added houses. R. stepped in at this point and said no, we'll build you houses. Off they went to buy three little pigs, a wolf, a penguin, and an unidentifiable "Monstaz" toy.

A. was sound asleep in the car when they got home. When she woke up, it was time for houses for the three little pigs. R. got out construction paper, and I suggested using the magna-tiles instead; they'd fall down beautifully. Antics ensued.

A. really, really, really likes to have very small toys to carry around in her hand. The pets from Ty Lil Ones are some of her favorites, especially the penguin. We've had to buy additional copies of the dolls -- which she is largely uninterested in -- in order to get replacement penguins when one goes missing. The stuffed penguin R. bought at Learning Express was a Ty Beanie. He bought it because it looked like the little penguin, not even realizing the similarity was because it's the same brand. That is impressively stable design communication.

This morning, she was sitting backwards on her chair, saying she was a cowboy -- not sure who told her sitting backwards on a chair is sitting like a cowboy but probably someone at the preschool. I asked her if she wanted a cowboy hat, and obviously, she went for it. I bought her one a couple years ago because I am not a person who can walk past a lavender wool cowboy hat for a little girl and _not_ buy it (as long as I have a little girl to put it on). The hat is too warm for its official season (spring), so it was nice to get a little more use out of it in cold weather. I was afraid it would be too small (it is marked 2T-3T), but it fit just fine, at least tipped back, the most attractive way to frame a little girl's face, IMO.

This whole talking in full sentences thing is awesome.

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