walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Requests from the 4 Year Old

Recently, A. has been asking for some fairly specific things, mostly involving video on the iPad. The one that really stuck out was the request for "Dora horse", which resulted in me downloading the Dora the Explorer episode(s) involving the pony Pinto. While entertaining, these were not the right entertaining. A. is persistent, but easy to get along with, so a day or so later, she came back with "Don Quixote". I kid you not. And if my kid can produce "Dora Don Quixote" then she's gonna get "Dora Don Quixote" independent of difficulty or cost. Fortunately, while that iOS episode is a "movie" and recent therefore more expensive, it wasn't that bad. Also, she can watch it on the AppleTV as well as the iPad, so it feels like a good deal. Happy kid.

Next request (I'm fairly certain that she's seeing ads for this stuff embedded in other episodes): "Dora Snow". Since I had an idea this was going to be another Dora movie, I just looked at those in the iTunes store. Sure enough: the Dora version of A Christmas Carol. Sure, you can have that.

And while I was at it, I ordered her some related plastic crap (a Rocinante and Dora from the Don Quixote episode, complete with a brush, tiara and combable hair and mane; a Dora treehouse that packages up very nicely).

I'm probably spoiling her. When I asked her if she was spoiled, she said yes. When I asked her if she liked being spoiled, she said yes. I figure if we're both good with it, it must be okay. Also, I get a _huge_ kick out of the way she very, very, very precisely says, "Don Quixote" when she wants to re-watch the movie (I'm pretty sure she's in double digits in viewing already, which really does make it a good deal).

Less amusingly, she wanted "Boots has a hole in his boot", which for whatever reason we did not realize was already on the iPad until after we identified it in iTunes and realized it didn't have a "Buy" button but rather a "Watch" button. D'oh. Must have been in the play pack.

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