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The Big Decluttering Project

It's not over, not by a long stretch (and, arguably, will never be over, because of course maintenance). However, large chunks of the house are looking much, much better. There a space in the master suite that used to have a table in front of a book case: the table is gone (as is its match in the bedroom, and a different book case next to the book case in question). When I walk through this space, I'm starting to forget what was there, and only notice that it looks nice now -- I have to think to remember why it used to be so bad.

Anyway. We've been in the throes of furniture turnover (we have a dining table out to be refinished and have replaced a couch, two barstools and the rocking chair moved and a new chair came in -- and I _think_ that's it). But I have only now started to stare at organizing devices. I was looking for a solution to the roll-off-the-nightstand problem, and found a leather thing that snaps in the corners so it can travel flat and sit as a tray, which should solve the problem both at home and when traveling (the pocket light rolling onto the floor in a hotel room really sucks). Other purchases were made at the same time.

Today I took a swing at the kitchen, and was reminded once again of how fanatically hard R. and I work to keep the kitchen from getting out of control. I was a little shocked at how little I was able to get rid of (but one banker's box is headed to HGRM, even as we speak, and a variety of allen wrenches moved out of random drawers and into a tool box where they belong. Which reminds me. There's this tool chest in the basement. *shudder*).

I also went to my closet and extracted a few items that I no longer wear; they'll go out to a donation bin either later today or tomorrow. I also did the OCD hangar sort-and-swap (hang all my stuff on the nice hangars and move all the plastic hangars to the laundry closet and put all the remaining nice hangars in one spot where they are easy to find).

Yesterday was exciting: Got Books arrived in a big truck to take 9 boxes and 3 grocery bags of books -- that was a huge project all by itself, prepping for that pickup.

While I was sitting down thinking I _really_ may need to do something about what may well be an episode of hypomania, I eyed the top of a bookcase which had 3 large and one small art objects on it and thought, hey, that stone sculpture thing would look great upstairs on my dresser and since we had the bedroom painted while we were on vacation, the white of the stone will contrast beautifully with the deep red of the wall, rather than fading into the off-white that it used to be and still is downstairs. And it _does_.

It is probably wrong to enjoy this so much. And yet, I do.

ETA 1:49 EST: Mildly related remark.

There's not a ton out there about cleaning up digital clutter. While it is super cool and quite incredible that Apple (and Amazon) have, through their app stores, created the equivalent of New Real Estate (at least for toys) (and thus invoked Location, Location, Location), that new space, like all other space, attracts Crap. Editing the crap is thus a requirement, at least after a certain point.

At an otherwise unremarkable commercial blog about decluttering, I found this entry:


Nice summary, still unremarkable, other than that it has been applied to an area urgently in need of attention.
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