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We Have Returned Home

We went to Walt Disney World and stayed at Bay Lake Tower. We had guests again. My sister and her family were at OKW; our cousin B. and his wife R. stayed with us. The weather was warm enough for A. to feel comfortable in the pool; she really liked the big slide after she got more accustomed to it.

We did all 4 parks this year. B. and R. went to Universal (both gates). We finally had dinner at 'Ohana, which was fantastic and a ton of fun and will hopefully be a staple activity on future trips. Altho I think I will skip the non-dairy roll and dessert and stuff myself silly on salad and pork-and-veggie-dumplings. 'Ohana is probably the easiest restaurant I've been to at Disney from an allergy perspective: the things that looked like they might have dairy (the pineapple bread and the dessert) did -- but nothing else did; the shrimp and prawns were visible and prepared separately so no cross-contamination issues. I might not even bother to tell them I have allergies next time. We also (duh) did Chef Mickey's which was, as usual, entertaining, altho a different chef this time and he tried to convince me the Caesar's dressing had no dairy in it. Um, that can't be right. To his credit, he went back and checked and corrected himself.

We ordered a dairy free (gluten free, egg free, all kinds of things free) chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and chocolate chips in it from Babycakes. It was Not Light. It was very, very dense, almost torte like. However, it was attractive and tasty.

I got a tantalizing bit of gossip about a DVC property due to come on line in 2015 (the next one after Grand Floridian, which people are still saying might go on sale before the end of the year). However, when I poked at the source, he clammed up tight. Bummer. I could have handled it better. Could this be the much dreamed of Poly DVC property? Hmmmm.

R. and I also got a date night at California Grill (cousins watching the sleeping children), which was pleasant and he helped me develop the plot a bit more for the still-somewhat-hypothetical novel I might or might not write for NaNoWriMo this month (obviously, between the vacation and T-weekend, a difficult lift for me).

I got one of the preview invites for the New Fantasyland Dress Rehearsal (Cast Member previews have already happened). I rode the Ariel ride; the queue theming is perhaps the best I've ever seen. Be Our Guest looks like a great restaurant. The Belle storytelling attraction is super cool (I may do a post just about it), but the capacity on it looks even slower than the old Dumbo; that'll be the new Must Do First Or Not At All attraction in Fantasyland, unless they do reservations. If they just FastPass it, FastPasses will disappear early, but a well-timed (mid-parade or late at night) attempt at Standby might still work. I didn't do more than glance at the Ariel Grotto. I walked into Gaston's Tavern but did not order. I did buy some merch at one of the shops (a t-shirt, IIRC).

Our 4th and last day in the parks was Animal Kingdom and it was _very_ quiet. A. and I (and a little while later, R. and T.) went to Yak and Yeti (the sit down part) and were seated immediately. I really liked the veggie lo mein with to fu; R. says the chicken he had was competitive with even non-Disney good restaurants.

T. really objected to going at all when we discussed it ahead of time and threw a substantial fit on the airplane. While I was fearing we'd get thrown off, the crew didn't seem particularly fazed by any of it (I was able to keep him in his seat and belted in). Once we were there, there was some complaining, but he did understand he wasn't going to convince us to go home early, and he acquiesced in rides. By the end of the trip, he was still saying "No talk about Disney" -- but he was also forgetting to be mad and saying, "More coasters!". I'm planning to go about in a few months; hopefully whatever is going on with him will have passed by then. He also _really_ didn't want to go to the restaurant the first sit-down reservation, but was game by the second one. Some of this is just Change Is Bad, I'm sure.

A. had a blast start-to-finish, and T. recognized that she really wanted to do this. When we got back and she saw the weather, she started demanding the sun come back and for it to be warm. She was mostly philosophical about it when I told her we left that behind in Florida.

Traffic was moderately hellish, despite us being on the road at 3 p.m. I think everyone came home early out of fear of snow. It'll be interesting to see if school is disrupted tomorrow; they'd both like to go.

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