walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Trick or Treat

Last year, due to "Snowtober" (did I mention that I've put October 29 on my perpetual calendar as a day to prepare for?), Halloween was delayed in our town (as it has been this year in all of New Jersey). Because we were out of state for the snow-delay Halloween date, the kids missed Halloween in 2011, other than some time at R.'s workplace and what T.'s school did for him.

No delay this year, so I took A. around the long "block". I had the presence of mind to bring the wagon, so I wouldn't have to carry her, her candy and the flashlight. So that was good. We had a nice time. T. didn't want to go, so he and R. stayed home and handed out candy at the house. When I got back with A., T. decided that maybe going out and getting candy would be good, and we did a dozen houses but not the whole block. A. was a fire chief; T. was an EMT. I had one of my capes and a top hat. I hadn't figured out what exactly I was; someone guessed Jekyll and Hyde (we're friends; it's okay). I said I was aiming for "generic Dickensian". It worked well: warm, but I could open it up when I got warm.

A. and I didn't do that many more houses than T. and I did -- maybe twice as many. She got tired pretty fast but didn't want to turn around, so we continued and mostly stopped at houses of people that my walking partner and I see people at on our daily walks. It makes the whole experience feel exceedingly "small neighborhood"; I really missed it last year.

T. is sufficiently independent that I don't even have to go to the door with him any more. And not having to walk all the way down those driveways and front paths makes a difference.

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