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The Tree(s) Across the Street

Last year, "Snowtober" dropped most of a tree across the street across a power line that was attached to our service line, thus taking out our power, but not our neighbors. This was fortunate; we were able to mooch power from them after a day or so.

This year, "Frankenstorm" dropped part of a different, but very nearby tree across the street, but NOT across a power line. All it is doing is blocking one of the travel lanes. R. went out to put cones on either side of it (visibility is, obviously, Not Ideal), and is removing those pieces which are removable. I'm still trying to figure out if I left a message at the right number about the presence of the larger bits in the travel lane.

ETA: R., with a small assist from someone from the Fire Department, got the tree parts out of the road. It has since occurred to me that "Frankenstorm" and "Snowtober" both occurred on Oct. 29-30.

This might be worth remembering for planning purposes.

ETA 6:38 EST: Wind and rain picked up and we've had some more flickers. We've heard more branches coming down, but we suspect the flickers are load rebalancing related to distant outages, rather than something leaning on a wire that's about to take out our power.

ETA 6:59 pm EST: Meteorologist at boston.com is saying this is the peak. A little over 200 people in town out of power (I never know if that means 200 people or 200 households -- in a town of 20K, that might make a difference), a bunch of them due to one transformer fuse being out; assuming parts are available, and we don't get deprioritized, the town could be almost entirely back up in a matter of hours after the worst of it is over. Storm tracks matter and, as Nate Silver observed in _The Signal and the Noise_, meteorologists have gotten much better at predicting them -- and we really weren't anywhere near the center of this very large and powerful storm.

ETA 7:10 pm EST: NSTAR alone claims over a 1000 in Acton affected, 11% of their customers in town. I feel bad for Sherborn and Carlisle; they got hit much, much harder, possibly because they have more trees and thus more branches to knock out power lines.

If you'd like to follow along from a distance:


Also, sucks to be in Connect the Dots:


h/t/ NECN: http://www.necn.com/10/29/12/Hurricane-Sandy-Power-outages/landing.html

ETA 7:21 pm EST: We've resorted to watching TV for storm coverage, in addition to exploring outage maps online. Currently, R.'s sister A. has lost power -- but has a generator that they bought a couple days ago. Unclear when it's up and running or not. My sister R.'s cell is going straight to voice mail, and Northern Virginia is kinda getting pounded. I suspect she is without power -- oooh! We just lost power! That's exciting!

ETA 7:29 pm EST: Okay, for like a few seconds we lost power, probably another load rebalancing surge. Because we've got a bunch of computer/AV type stuff in the living room (who doesn't?), when it all shuts down and restarts, it tends to flip the breaker (does not in ordinary operation -- it's only the startup draw that does it and the printer is the worst offender). So that's why there was a bit of a pause. During that pause, my cousin called from, IIRC, Green Bay, where he is on a business trip and slightly worried about his return flight which is in a couple days. He pointed out we have a mutual cousin in Springfield, MA and now I feel guilty for not wondering about him, since he's at more risk from this thing than we are.

ETA 8:26 pm EST: Biggest excitement of the evening: A. woke up and wanted to watch Donald of the Desert, a rare episode we had not actually purchased through iTunes yet. So we bought it through Apple TV, which caused Apple to tell me that someone did something involving my account on a device that hadn't ever done that before. My cousin in Springfield, as of a few hours ago, was complaining about the failure to deliver on IMMINENT DEVASTATION as promised on The Weather Channel's website. Me, I figure 300K people out of power in the Commonwealth just means someone else got to have the adventure this time around. Which is Fine By Me. It's possible he has since lost power and thus is no longer snarking on FB.

ETA 10:16 pm EST: A is back in bed; she may actually be going to school tomorrow. T. will not because his CASE classroom is in a district which is already announced closed. It would only have been a half day anyway. I'll have to call tomorrow to see if he'll still have gymnastics in the afternoon. The wind has completely died down. We still have power. I don't even think it's raining any more.
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