walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Frankenstorm Cometh

The kids don't have school tomorrow, because the Commonwealth has a statewide state of emergency, not because of where we live, but just in general. On general principles, we've caught up on laundry, found the flashlights, made sure we have gas for the generator and brought in the four political signs. We did not put the trash and recycling out (altho there isn't a lot of detail on offer at WasteManagement's website in terms of when we might expect a pickup, that is, they might very well show up at the usual time which would mean someone will have to hustle it out in their PJs in the early hours if this really is a giant no-op of a storm).

I find it amusing that while the Weather Channel, as is its wont, is very carefully emphasizing the Seriousness of this Event without actually calling it the whatever of the century while simultaneously avoiding NOAA's term, Frankenstorm. And I sort of feel bad for the almost 400K people in NYC under mandatory (and likely justified) evacuation orders.

I also find it amusing that the Weather Channel is going to livestream their TV coverage so people without power can watch it on their cell phones.

I love the 21st Century. What an amazing time to be alive. Gotta make sure the iPads are all charged up for tomorrow. Somewhere around here, I have a crankable charger if things get really dire . . .
Tags: daily activities

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