walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Divorce Update: BC divorce found!

The researcher I hired in BC has located -- very quickly! -- my grandparents' divorce in 1945. No bigamy for grandma, yay! Well, okay, that might have made the already colorful marital career even more colorful. Plaintiff is grandma. Co-respondent is named (it's Alvina. No surprises here.). Custody is with grandma, with this phrase, that I'd love to know if it's boilerplate and meaning-free or if it suggests something:

"the petitioner do have the sole custody and control of [four named children, three of them still living] children of the said marriage, without access to them by the respondent without leave of the Court."

The researcher transcribed the highlights and will be mailing me a copy.

I can't say that hiring two researchers, one in Manitoba and one in BC to work on this project, not to mention the various employees of Superior Courts in Washington State has led to any huge revelation. However, it has solidified my sense that genealogy is kinda cool in that is affirms the Knowability of at least some aspects of life. And the process gives me the confidence to go pursue the Sterlings of Jersey City in search of a village of origin on the other side of the water, probably early next year.

Also, the Manitoba researcher sent me brownies. What a sweetie!
Tags: genealogy
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