walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

_Cast in Peril_, Michelle Sagara (kindle)

I believe this to be book 8 in the series.

In this outing, Kaylin's attendance at the West March is requested by Lord Nightshade in exchange for him helping out with the Exchequer corruption case. SPOILERS! Seriously, you should run away now.

Bellusdeo is being an annoying tag-a-long and while Kaylin and Bellusdeo are at Kaylin's very tiny apartment, a bomb comes in through the shutters. An Arcanist bomb. The egg Kaylin has been watching since the travelers arrived and the portal opened and weird things happened with births hatches and the somewhat translucent lizard like creature mostly defuses the magic in the bomb and definitely saves Bellusdeo and Kaylin. Paperwork ensues.

Kaylin and Severn are sent to find out what happened to the young man who, on a dare, crossed into Tiamaris' fief. They discover he's not the first to disappear and help Tara and Tiamaris figure out how they are disappearing. Kaylin goes to Nightshade and accuses him of selling his people to whoever is disappearing people from the fiefs. The lizard, which has been hanging around on Kaylin (literally) and Nightshade face off (lizard wins).

Kaylin, Severn, and I've-forgotten-her-name-but-she's-a-Barrani-Hawk all leave to go to the West March. They stay in weird places that Barrani stay at and which Severn has some familiarity with. Kaylin gets a Cool Dress which is magical and means she will be part of the ceremonies at the West March. The Barrani Hawk turns out to have all kinds of history with those ceremonies, some of which involved watching her dad kill her mom, who was trying to stop her dad from including her in the ceremony -- a ceremony which did Very Bad Things to the other youthful Barrani participants.

Then we get to meet one of those formerly youthful Barrani participants.

Anyway. The weird places are Hallione(s) and they are being attacked/need to be saved. The missing people are found, but cannot be returned. The lizard helps out a lot. It turns out the guy who bombed Kaylin and Bellusdeo is also the guy making all the trouble on the trip to the West March and with the missing people (are you surprised? Why would you be surprised?). Etc. This is _very very much_ a in-the-middle-of-a-series book. They are not yet to the West March and Kaylin has not yet named the lizard (altho the lizard did eat one of Kaylin's runes).

Sagara better put the next entry out in a timely fashion. I feel like this was one of those movies that got split into two because it ran long. As always, I enjoy tagging along with Kaylin, altho I sort of missed the late night calls to the midwives. Only sort of, tho.
Tags: book review, sf

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