walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Jury Duty

My first call to jury duty came as I was moving out of Seattle, so that didn't happen. My second call to jury duty resulted in a notification that I wasn't needed so don't even come in. My third call to jury duty, I was extremely sick (gastro) and there was stuff going on with the kids, so I postponed to today.

Today, I actually went in, checked in, sat through the spiel, watched the video, listened to the judge, went into the courtroom, raised my hand in answer to the "do you have anything scheduled tomorrow" question, explained about the two special needs kids and no child care tomorrow, got sent from the #7 slot to the end of the line, watched both sides kick out various jurors and then was sent home.

So that was interesting.

I probably should have raised my card for one of the bias questions. It was an operating under the influence case and I had thought _before_ I knew it was an operating case that the guy looked like an alcoholic.
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