walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

trashy fiction

I picked up some trashy fiction at Amazon and Costco. The Jayne Ann Krentz (All Night Long, IIRC) and the Lori Foster (Jude's Law -- I'd already read its sequel, Murphy's Law) are two more examples of a trend in contemporary romance: trained fightin' men. Krentz's protagonist is a recently out of the service Marine. The Law books are "SBC" (thinly disguised UFC) fighters or ex-fighters or people who have otherwise trained in mixed martial arts. They are all doing at least some reasonable amount of research. Nice to see that something I was trying my hand at a few years ago is now readily available on the market. They're better at it than I was.

Carrie Vaughn's _Kitty and the Midnight Hour_ was a very readable late-night-talk-show done by a woman werewolf who is working out where she should be in the hierarchy/world. A lot of series are set in a near future/alternate similar reality shortly after supernatural critters have outed. This is unusual in depicting the process. Cool stuff. _Goes to Washington_ is already out (yay! More! Almost instantly!) and there's another on pre-order.

Tomorrow night is Book Group. The book is _Virgin Blue_ by Tracy Chevalier and I've been avoiding it. Tomorrow I'll attempt to read it; I would really like to go to book group but I really don't like that author much, and that particular book got bad reviews on top of it. I'd kind of like to know what the hell the book group was thinking when they picked some of these books. They're going to be reading _Neuromancer_ in June. Fortunately, I'll be avoiding that one. I hate Gibson's books.

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