walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

apodments and micro-housing in Seattle news again

This isn't exactly up-to-date stuff.

From June, a summary of the zoning code that allows this form of "congregate housing", a bit of history of how it got started in Seattle and current/future projects.


Embedded in this more recent opinion piece is a link to some channel 13 coverage:


The comments on both of these are interesting -- chrismealy is a coworker of mine from my days at a little internet bookstore. I agree with him that quoting Hayek doesn't make you look good; acting like liberalizing zoning laws is somehow incompatible with being in favor of public transit seems a little extreme. OTOH, it would be nice to hear the political value system that supports both simultaneously, and it is rarely articulated well (that doesn't make it bad -- just poorly articulated).

ETA: Menino in Boston is interested -- as well he should be.

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