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The Sterlings of Jersey City: a June Wedding in 1910

Genealogybank has finally paid off for me. One of my husband's relatives was curious about some of his (non-shared) relatives and when he heard we were into genealogy, he asked a casual question, little knowing the kind of obsessive interest he risked triggering.

At any rate, while Sterling may not _sound_ like a particularly uncommon surname, it is, at least in this time and place, which meant using the search engine over on genealogybank had a decent chance of turning up something story-like.


Miss Clara Maud Sterling, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Sterling of 163 Mercer Street, and Mr. Garrett Lamertine Gasque of Bayonne were married Wednesday at high noon.

Rev. Andrew J. Meyer, pastor of the First Reformed Church, Wayne Street, performed the ceremony, which took place at the home of the bride's parents. Miss Beulah Sterling, a sister of the bride, was the bride's only attendant, and Mr. Ralph H. Robinson of Bayonne was best man. After the ceremony the wedding breakfast was served.

Mr. And Mrs. Gasque have gone to the Delaware Water Gap for a short stay, and upon th eir return will reside in Bayonne."

The Great Depression would find the widowed and aging mothers of both bride and groom living with them in 1930. You might think that would help with child care, but by that time Hamilton was 18 and Ruth was 15, so odds are the teenagers were helping out with elder care. This record is the most detail we ever see on Hugh's (the immigrant) birthplace: Northern Ireland, rather than just Ireland. The association with soap making continues: Garrett is listed as "foreman", industry "Soap and perfume". How very Jersey! No one else in the household is listed as working (which is as one would expect, since the kids were probably still in high school).
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