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RFID and Disney

I know perfectly well that Disney uses a bunch of RFID stuff. Here's a summary that includes things that would not have occurred to me:


I found it by googling for it, but if I'd just been reading my e-mail, I would have seen this, because I get the micechat newsletter.

I was thinking about Disney and RFID/NFC because they did a Mickey toy a while back that would say different things depending on which ride you were in line for. Also, the locks on at least one of the World lodging facilities has locks with radios in them that communicate with hotel IS to read the card and know who to let in and so forth. I learned this when the battery in ours died and our cards quit working.

I've also experienced the line speed/wait time pass, mostly by doing it once and then having to explain it to people who were asked to hold the card and couldn't seem to understand or comply with the very simple directions.

It makes sense that Disney would like RFID to work with FastPass, because the rules for FastPass require humans to look at and understand return times and they just don't. Visitors don't care or have figured out how to exploit the failure to enforce and Cast Members are overworked.


I LOVE the idea of ride reservations; I'm an inveterate planner and my family has autism spectrum diagnoses. This would make our life way, way better. It'd be especially keen if instead of a separate FastPass card, it could all go onto Your Key to the World. But just because I love the idea doesn't mean it'll ever happen; it'll depend on whether the technology is really ready to be used on that scale (and that is by no means a sure thing) and whether the psychology of the system will net out positive. Enforcing FastPass rules will for sure piss off people who have spent years refining ways to exploit non-enforcement and ride reservations could potentially make the FastPass/Standby caste system that much more offensive to first-time visitors. Disney does love its repeat customers, but wants to make sure they get enough newbies to convert to repeat customers to avoid aging out.
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