walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

lots of writing

I was working on the moving/travel/storage stuff (since that's what is freshest in my mind) and had the idea of putting together a "Gear Sheet" with pointers to all the stuff we bought in a given area (childproofing, travel, etc.). It wound up being several gear sheets, with Baby Gear being on the main Topic List.

The rest of moving/storage is connected into the main topic list through a new thread pretentiously called Home: the Physical Locus of the Family. So far, I'm leaving the domestic ideology out of it, but it's sorely tempting to whinge on for a while. I'll probably read a bit before I do. *evil cackle*

I think I should connect in the Fun Kid Stuff pages somewhere other than the moving thread, but I'm not sure where. Probably with toys under a Good Clean Fun heading. And probably a defense of kidvid in there, too. But NOT tonight.

I'm poking in 18 months perspectives wherever I notice it is desperately needed. The last update (literally interrupted in mid-sentence) was November 29 (prior to this round). And that one was not a complete update. I don't think I've done a complete update since April 2006 or earlier. May got wiped out planning for the June trip. When we got back, I was busy with the move. After the move were the holidays. After the holidays was the D-land trip. And at no point have I been happy with child care. Altho I've had 6 hours this week, and may get over 20 next week (woohoo!).

Tomorrow I've got library (lapsit and volunteer), a broker call, cabal meeting. Should be fun.

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