walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

_Kiss Is a Four-Letter Word_, Erin M. Leaf

If you're thinking I just read/reviewed this book, you'd be justified in your confusion. The other one was _Risk_, and involved Carrie and her two men in a triad. This episode is _Kiss_, and involves the younger Sherry (met briefly in _Risk_ and this is set several years later so she is graduated from college by this point) and her two men in a triad.

It's not as good. Don't get me wrong: I still had fun reading it. But it's not as good. Most of the same elements are present: a fully developed triad, explicit poly negotiating, how coming out is handled, some getting-caught/affection-in-public scenes. The sexual assault back story and Sherry's, er, cherry? was my biggest issue, but the hyper-rich young man/men was significant as well. Rightly, or wrongly, those components of the storyline were difficult for me to believe.

Still, fun for fluffy poly erotica. MMF, full triad.
Tags: book review, contemporary erotica, polyamory, sexuality
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