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You can really tell we're edging out of winter, even tho the only realy snow of the year is still rotting on the ground (should be a bunch of blackflies this year. yay. not.). It's lighter earlier and later, every day, and I have become manic. I'm debating cutting back on the cod liver oil. Tough call. The house has been vacuumed. The sheets and towels have been changed (I don't even want to think about how long it was since the last time that happened, altho we were out of town for a week and a half so maybe that mitigates the sin). Teddy and I went grocery shopping today.

Speaking of which, we finally made it to the Super Stop and Shop, the one which grew across the street from the Shaw's we normally go to. It took us forever to get around to giving it a try, and I'm here to tell you that there is exactly one item there we can't get elsewhere locally (Nancy's yogurt -- they only seem to stock plain) and I'm not at all convinced it's worth going back for. Their organic selections are horrific. Even in the cereals aisle. And they were out of the kind of soy milk I like (WestSoy unsweetened plain, so I wound up buying vanilla which is okay for cereal and coffee, but not for other things). They were out of a lot of stuff, but I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt on some of the produce because of the recent south-reaching freeze(s). They did have organic chard, too, now that I think about it, altho it was kinda beat up looking. I miss the lacinata/dinosaur kale when I can't get it. I'd forgotten, until we went to the Whole Foods in Tustin while on our trip. That stuff has great taste and texture. Not scratchy, but firm. *sigh*

Child care cancelled again, this time due to needing to file taxes today at HR Block to use the Rapid Refund so she can make rent. Apparently with all the unpaid time off for bereavement she wasn't going to be able to make rent this month. Clearly she's cutting things closer to the wire than I thought she was. The February break means she doesn't work next week. I told her we'd love to have her for extra hours next week. This was not entirely charitable on my part. I really would love ANY hours at this point, altho in practice there's not much point in more than four hours a day because I don't think Teddy would stand for it. But I'd sure give it a try. He was happy to play with grandma on and off all day long for a couple of days and missed her when she left.

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