walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Things I've Learned About Photo Use

I know perfectly well how copyright works. This is part of why I don't post very many photos and the ones I post are almost entirely ones I just took myself. Recently, I was fiddling around with profile pics and did something I just don't ever do: I lifted a photo from a friend's timeline, cropped it, and used it as an FB profile pic. To be clear: my FB is locked down really, really thoroughly. I'm not actually sure that qualifies as publishing, but I have over a hundred friends so presumably it does.

Anyway. I _also_ posted a snarky status that this was me living dangerously. Of course, with that sense of humor so typical of the Elder Gods, was then handed this by The Universe, h/t Nate at The Digital Reader, h/t Jane at Dear Author:


Included in the comments section of Jane Litte's Dear Author post (http://dearauthor.com/features/letters-of-opinion/the-principle-of-fair-use-and-image-usage-for-bloggers) were instructions for figuring out where else a photo was being used: drag and drop the image over at images.google.com and it will find you exact matches AND visually similar photos (wow, it's pretty clever, too. Cool.). Here is how you can legally get the photo underlying the photo + caption which I clipped (and have since removed):


If I signed up there for the free trial, I could get that and more for absolutely free. If I paid, I could get all kinds of stuff. Heck, they'll give you more free stuff if you are a blogger, use their images, and link back to them.

There are plenty of other places that sell pictures.

So, first off: I'm really sorry, Duncan Noakes, who took the really cute picture and certainly should be able to make money off of taking super cool pictures like that. Second, a big shout out to depositphotos.com, which I am sure is a really great service and maybe I'll even sign up and try using professional photos occasionally.

And finally, if it's that easy to track down pictures, and someone is actually bothering to prosecute, well, perhaps randomly sharing cute photos is closer to living dangerously than I had realized when I was snarking about a userpic.

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