walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

They Move All This Way

Sometimes in many stages, and then they marry someone from Right Next Door Back Where They Came From.

I cannot, unfortunately, give a lot of detail in this case. But let's say I have a close, living, relative, and let's say he grew up somewhere in Manitoba, altho he was born in the US. As a young man, he moved to Washington State along with some, but not all, of his immediate family and in the middle of the 20th century, he got married for the first time. I've been trying (as part of my dig through divorces project) to identify where this first wife came from. She's the mother of a bunch of my, er, living relatives, but I can't seem to get any of them to talk to me (to say that my family is complex is an understatement), and even if I could, I doubt I could get them to talk to me about her.

My first shot at finding a year of birth for her would be one of my family documents, but it had nothing to say to me, which is fine, because it is Full of Lies anyway and I think she got married Really Young.

Today, I was typing names into Family Search, because they have different indexes than ancestry.com, and it popped up a candidate for this young woman in the 1940 census in B'ham, where my family would have been living later on, when this young woman and my relative might have, say, met. The young woman's father is French Canadian. From Ritchot. Which is in Provencher. We're talking 30 miles from where my mother was born, and a whole lot closer to St. Anne, where a bunch of other relatives were before that.

I'm thinking I may have the right family.
Tags: genealogy

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