walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Fun with Consignment

We've been unloading some of the children's gear that is no longer relevant. The Learning Tower, which was so central to our existence with T. when he was 1-2ish years old, had been taking up space in the basement. A. never really needed it, because she was happy to sit in a high chair and eventually graduate to a regular kitchen stool, whereas T. wanted to be level with the counter but was unable to sit still. It went off to consignment along with Yet Another Stroller (I don't even want to admit to how many of these things we've bought and then resold most of them somewhat later on). It occurred to me that A. does so well on the Kazam balance bike that we really ought to retire the Kettler tricycle. I sent along the Bjorn potties and the tiny, transparent potty we used with T. but never with A. While I was at the shop, I picked out some clothes and shoes and discovered the jogger and tower had already sold and I had more than enough credit for everything I'd picked out this trip.

I was pleased with myself and told R., who appreciates those rare moments where I express the frugality I was raised with (it's rare these days). R. looked at the amount the trike was going to be initially listed at and felt sticker shock. I laughed at him, and looked up the retail for it (it's the Kettler pink princess tricycle with the push bar and the bucket, but we never had the seat belt). He had no idea you could even spend that much on a tricycle.

I'm just happy we can get as much back out of these things as we do. We usually just pass things along to friends who are parents, but for these items, that just didn't make a lot of sense.
Tags: daily activities

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