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Today's Activities Include: Rain

The morning started early when T. decided to get up and wanted his iPad. Which R. and I failed to track down last night and put on the charger. I _always_ make sure it is found and on the charger and, sure enough, when I didn't, there was a massive, running temper tantrum as T. attempted to communicate that he wanted his iPad by saying it wasn't where it belonged: "No iPad!" while R. persisted in understanding his words to mean, "I don't want an iPad." *sigh*

R. was unable to conduct a basic search pattern in part because he had already checked all the logical places and failed to look in the "illogical" places, that is, the van where T. had been the day before but R. forgot about that.

After breakfast (which, stunningly, was not horrifyingly unhealthy for a change), the kids and I went to the library to play (briefly) on the playground before dropping some books off for the Friends and then checking out two pictures books. Upon returning home, we pressed our luck with an abbreviated walk with M., at which point it started sprinkling. T. sensibly turned around and we got back before it completely dumped on us. Which is what it is continuing to do.

B. took T. to the grocery store to get A. some Reese's Pieces, which we mysteriously ran completely out of (I didn't say the morning _stayed_ healthy), while I cooked some chili and played with A. (by pretending to go to the store with the new play cash register, the play food, the play shopping cart and the actual grocery bags).

I am now sitting down. It is way too early for me to be this tired and there's a lot left to do. Also, T. is really resisting the idea of swimming lessons later today. *sigh*
Tags: book review
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