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A Bit More about Giles Plantz

I'm now no longer convinced I know of a shared ancestor between my husband and this part of my tree. I _thought_ there was, but then I realized I was a little confused.

In any event, I got to thinking about the Houghs. I blogged about Giles' grandmother Elizabeth Hough Plantz back in March 2011, when I was paring back some incorrect information in my tree. A bunch of people had Elizabeth Hough as the child of John Hoog or Hough and Margaret Algire, which turned out to be both implausible and untrue. I eventually found a more plausible ancestry for Elizabeth Hough which had her descended from some Palatine immigrants.

I don't recall if this is what I found then, but it's certainly the one I'm using now.


Elizabeth's Hough's father, John George Hough, turns out to be the great-grandfather of Henrietta Hough, Giles' first wife Etta. Thus, Giles is both the product of a first cousin marriage, and a man who married his second cousin.

I'm starting to eye all the un-investigated Klines in my family tree with deep suspicion. For one thing, my gggrandfather's twin married a Kline. True, Lizzie B and George Henry tied the knot in Chicago. But he's still a Plantz and she's still a Kline, which is making me wonder if maybe the small communities of Mohawk valley moved a long ways without necessary unraveling.

ETA: Also, the Loffler/Leflers. I'm seeing those repeat, too.
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