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Sick, Movies, Property Development, Etc.

We're sick. T. has had the runs for a few days, following a cold. I've still got the cold (fingers crossed I don't get the rest of it). It's a really bad head cold. Please feel sorry for me.

Monday, I slept all day. R. took the day off to keep an eye on the kids. Tuesday, the kids were both in school, so I spent another day in bed, but I actually only slept about half the time and I had the presence of mind to line up some additional child care, thus leaving me time to watch trashy movies. Unexpectedly, I liked _Inception_ better than I liked _Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows_. Altho I was very happy to see more of Mary. Mary is Cool.

Finally, on Tuesday I left the house to go drop off a stroller at consignment (this led to some additional sleeping). While I was waiting for the stroller to be processed -- you know, that's worth a tangent. This is apparently the month where Other People's Processes Waste My Time. My bank miskeyed a check to me. An apartment complex in Issaquah lost internal record keeping associated with a check from me (which they cashed -- and which I discovered I _do_ get images of which _can_ be attached to FB messages. Who knew?). And the consignment shop misplaced the appointment they made (but I kept the card associated with the appointment). Really, the stellar success in processes is currently the Massachussetts government web site which processed my request to postpone jury duty promptly. Really promptly, considering I went through the process Sunday evening.

Anyway. Back to the stroller. Someone else in the shop is going on about how _expensive_ the units at West Acton Corner are.


Over a half million dollars for a 3 bedroom condo or house in Acton with 2500 square feet is Not Excessive. If you don't particularly like West Acton Corner, you do have choices.


On the one hand, Sarah Jane Court is on a Way Busier Street. On the other hand, it's a lot closer to commuter rail. There is an interesting tradeoff in terms of walkability to coffee, groceries, lunch/dinner/pizza choices, etc. There are some differences in size as well (I think the Sarah Jane ones average a little smaller).

The condos on Prospect Street aren't that dissimilar (a little bigger than the West Acton Corner ones), and their sales prices were pretty close, too. So me, being sick, heard, "Who would want to pay a half million dollars to live next to an auto body place?" and piped up with, "Hey, you're not going to get that square footage cheaper anywhere else in Acton." I may have commented that West Acton is, in general, a really nice place to live. (Did I mention that it's kitty corner to the post office? And the small library is a few block walk?)

The conversation did not improve; it turns out this is another example of someone living in a New England town who Does Not Pay Attention to Real Estate Value. These conversations don't go well for me. I'm not sure why. I've even had meta-conversations about this conversation with people who _do_ pay attention to Real Estate Value. Usually, those conversations involve mutual complaining about how rare open houses are and how weird people act around here if you go to an open house in your own neighborhood when you aren't shopping for yourself or a friend and sometimes about how much effort you have to go to in order to find out what something sold for, but that's usually where I can help out by pointing people at Mass Land Records.

I don't like to complain about my town, because I love my town. But this is a real distinctive feature of New England that I find annoying. People just don't have the expectation of house gossip that seemed really common in the Pacific Northwest and among my friends in the Bay Area.

ETA: Yes, I _do_ know about the Villages at Monument Place and again, pretty similar in terms of bedrooms/bathrooms/square footage/price. Their location from a walkability perspective (to groceries, coffee, lunch/dinner options, commuter rail, etc.) is Worse. Altho they are really close to Nara Park, which is cool, and Planet Gymnastics (also very cool) and the local community gardens. To be fair, it is under a mile to Po's BBQ, which I also like. But nothing like the convenience of the other two locations (but a more house-like, suburban neighborhood feel, I suppose).


ETAYA: Looks like Concord Commons in Concord has cleared their remaining units. They went up for sale just as the bust happened and, IIRC, tried auctioning a few of them to try to set an accurate price level. Looking at last ask/sale prices suggests they mostly figured it out and again, not that far off from the developments listed above altho some of the Concord Commons units are smaller (like the smaller ones in West Acton Corner) and correspondingly cheaper.

ETA I'm stopping, really, I am: Concord Riverwalk has also sold most of their units, but this one's still around today:


$549 for 1540 square feet. _That_ I could see doing a little whining about, however, it's a really cute development so I'm betting they find someone who wants to buy it. Here's another unit for sale in the same development:


$719 for 1680 square feet. It'll be interesting to see what they get for that one.
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