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Bicycle acquired! Also bookcases. Organization and fitness may ensue.

It took several days longer than expected. The Milano I tried at the store was a couple sizes too small, and they thought they had one downstairs that would be right. But they didn't, so they had to get it from some-other-location, I think the manufacturer's warehouse, and then UPS was a bit slower about delivering than one might hope, so I didn't get it until yesterday afternoon. By that point, I'd given up on the idea it was going to show up any day soon, and furthermore, it was due to break 90 and not in a dry way, either, so I'd worn a skirt and flipflops, then left the house to volunteer at the library. After the library, airconditioning drew me, in succession, to the hair salon, the Y and a franchise restaurant that would happily refill my iced tea endlessly while I read about the Dutch Republic. As a result, I was still wearing the skirt and flipflops when I picked up Roland and we went down to Belmont to get my bike. Great news tho, step through configuration means I can ride the bike with the skirt on. Woohoo! With a bell, rack and panniers to complete the Dutch Girl look, all I need now is for the rain to let up. It doesn't even have to be dry because I have fenders.


This past weekend, we scurried around acquiring bookcases. First a $99 pine case with non-adjustable shelves from a local consignment shop. Roland got that home in a rack on top of the Camry (I am impressed). Then we went to Real Furniture Stores. I'm not sure I'd ever done this before. I shopped used/antique, and eventually boutique, but never regular furniture stores. Around here, they'll serve you beverages, junk food and to some degree real food free, in an effort to get you to stick around long enough for the decision maker to make a decision and sign on the dotted line. Really. Bernie and Phyl's, Jordan's and Bob's Discount Furniture all had free food and drink. Furthermore, they're open until 9 or so on a weekend evening.

In any event, after they were available Monday evening, I have two more bookcases (with adjustable shelves) and my books are all out of their boxes. Happiness! Joy! Much rejoicing! And space for further acquisitions (always important). Two more will be arriving for downstairs (one a replacement for a truly ugly hutch that is being used for books) in a few weeks or so. Between the shelves and space in the filing cabinet, I no longer feel I am storing my life in the middle of the floor of various rooms.

After being sick for a long while, I felt well enough this week to go to the Y twice (okay, once was partly self-defense against the heat). It had been so long I felt sure I'd lost a lot of ground, but it wasn't nearly as bad as I had feared.

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