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miscellaneous Teddy observations

Shortly after our return from D-land, Teddy kept putting the battery operated train engine (hopefully I haven't posted this already) into the Castle Pounder toy (a plastic castle that you put balls in at the top and they roll down a ramp through the castle and come out the bottom), going up the ramp. Needless to say, it'd get stuck just under the balls and he'd get me to extract the engine so he could do it again. The third time I got it out for him, I asked, why are you doing this? And as soon as I said that, I immediately knew the answer: he was playing Dark Ride At Disneyland with the available toys. Wow.

I put away the 18 months clothes and got out the 24 months clothes, because the arms were looking kinda short, and while I like looking at his belly button, it looked a little cold in this weather.

I put the mittens from A. on him yesterday, which was good, because I really needed to bundle him up to go to the town forum on the library (R. wasn't home from work but he met me there and took Teddy home); it was maybe 11 degrees out. Brrrr. When it's cold, he likes them. And when it's really cold, he doesn't want to be put down; he wants to be carried.

He brings me the Going To Bed Book by Sandra Boynton when he wants to take a bath and makes me read it over and over, laughing at that page each time, until I get the picture and take him up for a bath. Because we're not traveling for a while and because he's 18 months old (in a couple days), I decided it was time to order a bigger potty and some potty books and try this whole potty training thing. Today I got out the little potty. We hadn't used it since we moved, because after the June trip, he was putting up a lot of resistance. He did not want to be held on the potty, and couldn't safely get on and off by himself. We put the flip-n-flush on here, but he hollers when we put him on those. Since he's sitting quite well in chairs (able to climb in and out of his tall chair by himself), I figured we could try the little one until the bigger one arrives. And it worked! Well, he didn't want to sit and pee; he wanted to sort of crouch over it and pee, but hey! Whatever. I'm hoping he will figure out he can bring me a potty book when he needs to go and even oblivious me will get that hint.

I had figured on just taking him out of his diaper when he needed to go, the way we used to, but apparently everyone seems to think that training pants are required. Green Mountain Diapers is not enthused by training pants, however, and suggests the All-in-One Bummi's, so I ordered another dozen of those (we had six already for the outings bags -- they really are very easy to get in and out of). He hasn't been night time dry the last few days, but I think that's because he's sick. Normally he is, which makes me optimistic about the whole process.

'Course, judging by everyone I know who didn't do EC, we'll be dealing with accidents for years to come. *shrug*

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