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Poking at the Gelders Archief

I have a ggggrandmother (unless I got the wrong number of g's) with a last name that is remarkably unevenly recorded in genlias. I'm starting to think maybe that's salient and I should dig in a bit and try to understand why. For that matter, her mother's first name and last name are unevenly recorded as well.

Grada Betzold or Betzholt or Betrolt or Betsolt (and that shouldn't be regarded as a complete list of alternate spellings) was born in 1806 to Jan B* and Maria or Martina or Martijna Janse or Jansen. Her mother, Maria or Martina or Martijna Janse or Jansen had been previously married to Goosen Huisman or Huijsman (but that particular variation doesn't bother me -- it's normal). I'm not sure when Grada was born, because I haven't found the birth date yet -- just the baptismal date. And while I have found a marriage record for Jan and M*, I don't have parents for either of them. I had been lucky enough on a previous trip through the Gelders Archief to find a death record for M* J* that indicated Jan was still alive; I haven't yet found a death record for him but I remain optimistic.

Today's exploration of the Archief yielded Grada's baptismal record and M*'s previous marriage to Goosen. I have not yet identified a source for Gelderland that parallels allefriezen.nl (with images of the civil register), but I keep hoping that's just because I haven't found it yet.

I've focused very heavily on the Fries branch of my Dutch ancestry, because I've become familiar with those sources and they interact so well (Tresoar, the Frisian archives, genlias for the Netherlands as a whole and Allefriezen for images of the civil register). I suspect they work so well in part because so many people immigrated from Friesland to the United States -- their customers are online and using English so they serve online customers using English really effectively.

Not so in Gelderland, but that's not a good reason for giving up, right?

ETA: I finally found Grada's husband's death date in genlias (there, she's "Grada Bet Zout " in the transcription). His name is Cornelis Jager. I'm feeling like these are all Germans. Heteren, Dodewaard, Valburg, etc. are all really close to the border and those names have a strongly German feel to them, even for Dutch names.
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