walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Recent Activities include: T. the Personal Organizer

T. has long had a, um, some set of words, for order and routine. Love? Attachment? Need? Whatever.

What this is like in every day life is that he has a set of things he'd like to do during the day and some ordering to those activities. In the morning, this is fantastic: he's pretty easy to get dressed, get some food in front of him, get him out the door. His agenda mostly revolves around getting his sister's bag packed up and in the white van. That's more of a problem, especially if her lunch isn't ready before he needs to get in the van (different van) to go to school.

In the afternoon, it's pretty good, too: he'll want to go ride on scooters, and maybe have a popsicle or go get some food at the grocery store or Wendy's. He likes watching R. do a Snap Circuits project, finger paint, etc.

I recently moved A.'s size 4 clothing along to younger children and T.'s size 6 clothing along as well. In the process, T. decided that taking a paper bag upstairs and filling it with clothes and then putting it in the white van to go to work with R. is An Activity. This doesn't make R. happy, however, T. has been remarkably cooperative about not stuffing things into the bag independently; he'll let an adult run the process as long as he gets to help and bring the bag downstairs.

So I have a Personal Organizer who, once a day (sometimes twice), urges me to go look around for things that we really should have gotten rid of already because we don't use them and they still have useful life in then, put them in a bag, and get them out of the house. Who knew kindergartners could be so helpful?
Tags: daily activities
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