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Commentary on DSM V, Aspergers, ASD from 2009


Read the whole thing. It's really good -- way better than anything I'm likely to come up with and does a nice job tying in with some of the then-current articles on the subject.

Anestis is careful, professional, polite and thorough in his analysis and argument without in any way conceding his point. I _love_ this.

The first two comments are from Baron Cohen and Anestis and are very collegial without agreeing (a skill I aspire to!). It seems clear from where I sit that Baron Cohen has a fundamentally conservative (not in the anti-gay, anti-abortion sense, but in the must-have-an-excellent-reason-to-change-things-not-just-a-few-good-ones) stance to many, many, many ideas, and Anestis ... does not.

The piece and the followup remarks also manage to stay on topic with respect to real world impacts: they talk about impact on _services_ not impact on _drugs_. There are people prescribing drugs for ASD. They probably should not be doing so, altho comorbidities have to be handled on a case by case basis.
Tags: autism
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