walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

bridal shower

C., whose wedding I'm matron of honor for in June, is visiting late March/early April and dropped very broad hints recently about if there's going to be a shower, it should probably be during that visit, and connected me with another of the maids who was interested in helping put on the shower. J., in fact, had contacted C.'s mother regarding whether there was a shower in the works. Of course I had done nothing, because it came after Disneyland. Worked out in my favor. J. called me today and she's a wonderful, bouncy, organized person who has great taste. She volunteered her parents house (big, in an ideal location -- they live in Florida this time of year anyway). She suggested Costco for food. She volunteered to pick up candles/ribbons for favors and to locate, purchase and address with directions and recipe cards and cards with bridal registry info. The recipe cards are for an interactive thing (game) where we give her a favorite recipe. Not really a game, but a nice thing. And bingo cards where we fill in what we think she'll get and then watch her unwrap and mark off and see who gets a bingo and receives a gift card. Wow. Okay, a little consumerist, but compared to what I've endured at other showers, I'm all over it.

Basically, she had in the whole show planned out and was happy to do all the legwork. I volunteered to use the minivan to get the food from Costco and wherever else we get stuff, details to be determined slightly later. All in one phone call. I don't have to do _jack_ for weeks.

Wow. I really like this J. A lot. I'll volunteer to get the gift card for the bingo game, but I bet she's already got in mind where to get the card, and whatever it is, it'll be perfect.

I think J. should be maid of honor. Honestly. Oh, she picked April 1st for the shower. Which is soooooo tempting. Hopefully J. does not have a wicked sense of humor.

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