walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Day Camp Research

T. has had summer programs since he turned 4, provided by the school to prevent regression. This is the first year the summer program won't be through the preschool. And this is the shortest program offered yet. Seems ridiculous -- and it may yet change, if his placement for next year is changed. *shrug*

In the meantime, I'm staring at a lot of open Fridays, and two open weeks not covered by either of our vacations or the summer program. Is there day camp for T.?

One town over has what looks like an amazing inclusion program offered through the town but open on a space-available basis to non-residents. Unfortunately, registration was back in February. My bad -- should have been researching this months ago, apparently. I've sent a half-hearted email for the one-week program that would fit our schedule.

When I finally got the sped director at my son's school on the phone to discuss a variety of issues (including the summer program issue), I asked her if she had any ideas for activities for him. She mentioned that in another neighboring town, there's an aquatics/fitness facility with a therapy pool (warm water). T. actually doesn't really care about the water being warm, but A. does. So a long e-mail off to their special needs coordinator explaining our schedule and what I'm interested in (private lesson either for both together or each separately).

Then, on a lark, some googling (okay, this is actually how I found the neighboring town program, but I'm telling this out of order for narrative purposes) on autism and day camp. And about three towns over (but still within a half hour, more or less), a super cool program that will even supply a 1-1 aide if you pay them extra (the neighboring town program will let _me_ supply an aide, but I have to find and background check them myself -- and pay, duh -- which I actually can do, but was hoping to have that person hang out with A., instead). I used their website to request a DVD and a phone call.

If you're thinking, gee, what's up with all the activities, why can't you just let the kids hang out? Oh, we'll be doing plenty of that, too. But I'm not prepared to spend the majority of an August week scootering and cycling and generally hanging out on hot pavement. Which is almost certainly what will otherwise happen.

Altho I also bought an inflatable boat and PFDs for the whole family, just to see what kind of trouble we can get into on a pond, lake or river nearby.

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