walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

French Door Fridge

I lusted after these almost as soon as I learned about them and when we moved to our current home a few years ago, I got one. I still love it -- most of the time. However, sometimes one of the doors doesn't close all the way. And it isn't obvious that it isn't closed all the way. Usually, we catch this relatively quickly, but last night A. decided she wanted a bowl of cereal after we were partway through the going-to-bed process. I was okay with that -- I knew she hadn't eaten much -- but apparently when I put the soy milk away, I didn't close the door entirely, and no one go into the fridge again until T. was closing the partly open door about 12 hours later. The mayo, when tested with the instant read thermometer, was about 60 degrees. Ouch. Into the trash with that. Also, the chocolate milk, deli meat, soy milk, home-made honey mustard dressing (mayo, again) and assorted other odds and ends. The most annoying was the grilled chicken breasts -- we'd eaten half the package the night before and I was planning on those being Sunday dinner.

Fortunately, I usually go grocery shopping on the weekend, and I hadn't done so already. Even more fortunately, the fridge didn't destroy itself trying to keep an open main compartment cold.

Also, the freezer stayed frozen. Win some, lose some.

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