walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

lekker makes an appearance on TRMS

The last segment on Rachel Maddow's Show is The Best New Thing In the World and today's was about sounds put on electric vehicles so pedestrians can hear them coming. After playing a variety of Ford in the US sounds, she explained that Domino's in the Netherlands is delivered by scooter and they are converting to electric scooters, opting for a man's voice making motor sounds, interspersed with Domino's (pronounced as if it were Dutch, so a little different) and "lekker", which she translated as "yummy".

I have fond memories of my dad's cousin-by-marriage Aty explaining a variety of food terms to me over dinner in Friesland. Lekker was an important one. Didn't think I'd be hearing it on American TV tho. Not ever.

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