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Recent Activities include: a visit from Grandma, T. on the bicycle

R.'s mother came for a nice long visit. We put her up in the Residence Inn a couple towns over because the kids just get a little nutty when there is someone still in the house when their bedtime rolls around. The hotel has a pool, and somewhere along the line, A. (shockingly) decided it would be fun to dig out her swimsuits from my closet and start lobbying to go to a pool. So C., T., A. and I all went to the hotel in C.'s car, because the kids seemed to think that would also be part of the fun. But C. didn't want to drive with all the distractions so that became my job. But it all worked out; for three days in a row we went and played in an otherwise completely empty pool (and hot tub). A. sat on the steps and splashed. T. jumped in and treaded water. C. and I swam back and forth and tried out the hot tub when we got cold. T. has a really regular pattern for using the facilities and that pattern was squarely during the time we were in the pool, but he was A-OK with C. taking him to the bathroom down the hall.

C. went home today, so we can't do go to the hotel this afternoon. I've told the kids that we can go to the gym's pool instead and they seem interested in that idea. Today is also T.'s first gymnastics lesson, so it will be a busy afternoon.

T. had his first "share" in kindergarten and we forgot it of course, but his aide had him talk about his bicycle, which is funny because he's categorically refused to get on it for months now. However, after that "share", he went to the basement and extracted the old and new balance bikes and has been using them both. This is a ton of fun, however, it's less compatible with having both kids out, because A. is really, really slow on her balance bike. She'd gotten pretty fast on the scooter and we could do joint outings; I'm not sure what we'll do with no one here in the afternoon to help her out while T. and I ride our bikes.

I also took T. down to the model railroading place in West Acton for the first time in a long while and having been there once, the second and third visits have been eagerly anticipated. Their schedule is limited, so we can't do that every day either.

I used part of my 2 years worth of dividend check from REI to buy A. a bicycle with training wheels (an Electra, of course!); it should be ready for pick-up in the next few days.
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