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Go-Ped Know-Ped

When R. broke his arm on the Razor Scooter, I felt some pangs of guilt. After all, I bought that equipment and, furthermore, I had headed out on wet pavement with the kids and R. on scooters.

Never ride when the pavement is wet.

However, if you're going to ride when the pavement is wet, really don't ride a Razor, and you should probably walk down steep hills.

In any event, while R. can't ride the scooter for a while yet, I felt like I should come up with a safer, adult-size scooter for days when some other adult is out with one of the kids while I am out with the other kid (Thursdays, typically). My default plan was to buy another Xootr, but I'd read positive reviews of the Go-Ped Know-Ped, the main negative of which was weight (that is, the scooter itself weighs more, reducing its portability). After hearing R.'s analysis of why the brakes on the Kickboards and the Xootr continued to work when the Razor failed, I decided to buy the Go-Ped. It arrived today.

I got it in pink. I have two explanations. The not-entirely-true explanation is that T. rides a pink kickboard scooter which I originally intended for A., but he decided he wanted it so she rides the green one now. The close-to-the-truth explanation was that I was in the throes a really solid fuck-everyone mood when I pressed the Buy button on Amazon.


The deck is higher; I don't know how I'm going to feel about that. The ride seems much smoother, but I'll know more after I've put a few miles on it. The brakes are substantially better than any of the scooters I have bought so far (I'm a little frightened by just how high that number has gotten -- this is scooter number 7, if I'm counting correctly). The deck is nice and wide. I don't think the handlebar height is adjustable, the way the Xootr is; I don't think I care. The stated load limit on the Go-Ped is much higher than the stated load limit on the Xootr.

And it's very cool looking. If you really are going to carry your scooter onto other transport and schlep it around, the Xootr may be worth it for the weight savings. If you're just playing on your neighborhood streets with the kiddies, definitely buy the Go-Ped. I may, however, change my mind if those non-solid tires prove troublesome.

ETA: Here is a truly excellent review of the Xootr, and fitting it into the context of other scooters.


ETAYA: And still more reviews:

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