walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

fun with loopnet

I'm not entirely certain this is enough of the URL to work, but here it is anyway:


This is a commercial property listed as 19 or 29 Great Road. It used to be an interior design/retail furniture store called "Now & Then" and had been there for quite a while.

According to Wicked Local, dated Aug 25, 2011:


"Now & Then, a long-time interior design business in Acton, is closing its doors and has sold its Great Road location"

But according to Loopnet it is a REO property not yet listed for sale or lease, and according to Mass Land Records, it was assigned by "AHC" to Enterprise Bank on 7/29/2011. Need translation? The bank now owns the property.

"Sold", hunh? R. is convinced this would have been readily detectable at the time the article was written. I'm not so sure -- I don't really know when updates get pushed through. But that was close to a month; it may well have been an easily correctable error, but one that no one was particularly motivated to pursue.
Tags: real estate

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