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Exciting Times

Two weeks ago, R. broke his arm. Since then, in addition to regularly scheduled activities (like work, school, book group, etc.), both kids have had their pictures taken in separate sessions here at the house (I scheduled them for their half days at school). We had a playdate -- which was huge fun for everyone, if at times a little loud -- and we've had a guest for a few days. The weather has gone from crazy warm to below freezing and then to cool and damp. It's rained and there have been predictions of snow altho I'm not sure I believe that. We realized that the weird thing A. does during Circle Time might be absence seizures, leading to a huge spurt of research on my part to try to figure out what the current understanding of seizures in general is, to try to make sense of a lot of manifestations of seizure and seizure-like things (my migraines) in my extended family.

It's been rough. I haven't been keeping up on some of my other projects. It isn't that I've been losing interest, or even that other things have become more interesting (altho it might look like that to people seeing me ramp up the fiction writing vs. genealogical research). But the exciting times will probably continue for a while, because we'll have another guest around Easter (possibly more than one), and broken arms take a while to heal and, inevitably, there is Tax Time.

Along with our exciting times have been some pleasant mundanities. I ordered A. some spring dresses from Hanna Andersson. We went to Target for a couple of huge bags of spring clothes for both kids. I bought a few things (mostly shorty pjs, but a dress, a t-shirt and some leggings) for the kids at Fritz & Gigi after I. and I went to the Scottish Rite Museum in Lexington to look at the (really amazing) photographs of National Parks. We finally got the weird keyboard that in theory will let R. type with both hands, even tho his radius is broken and his ulna has a bit chip out of it and he can't rotate his wrist yet. I got the kids some shoes. I bought myself some silly socks and a lovely vase.

I hope your spring is going well, and if you're trying to figure out why you are tired, and where the time goes, try to remember that a lot of us are sensitive to the amount of light we get from the sun. In areas like the Northwest and the Northeast, spring can be tough, as the days get much longer and the sun is out from behind the clouds more days, and more hours of those days. Take a break when you can, and remember to tell yourself that you are getting tons of things done, even when it doesn't feel like you're keeping up.
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