walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

itsy bitsy teeny weeny

local theme parks in New England: Santa's Village and StoryLand. Both want slightly over $20/day for adults and free for 3 and under. Both let you bring in your own food and provide picnic tables. Lots of kiddie rides and precious little else. Amazingly, StoryLand actually has a .pdf on their website for every freaking food item served in the park for 2006. Presumably they'll update it for '07; they don't open until Memorial Day.

VRBO has rental properties for Glen (StoryLand), Bartlett (pretty close) and the general area. Lots of ski condos, townhouses and the like, many for around $100/night during the summer. Sweet.

Despite being in New Hampshire and New Hampshire being a small state, it'll still take almost 3 hours to get there from here (the Whites. They may be short, but no one ever said they were dull. At least, not anyone who got up close and personal with them). But I think that'll be our summer outing this year. No planes. We can bring the groceries with us. Something to amuse the kiddie. Depending on where we stay, access to a swimming pool.

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