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travel planning

R. and I usually plan our upcoming travel a good chunk of time (months to a year) in advance. With D-land out of the way, we're not committed to any specific trip. My 20th high school reunion will occur sometime in the fallish and if the timing is good, we may make that our next Seattle trip. And of course there's the annual winter Solstice party in Seattle.

We had been planning a trip down to Florida to visit his father, but his behavior last Christmas caused us to back-burner that idea. Our current thinking is we'll go to Florida to do theme parks and if he feels like seeing us and he can come to us in Orlando (from Sarasota, so not like a huge hardship). We'd also like to visit my sister and meet my two nieces in Virginia at some point; they're open to meeting us in FL in a year or two as an alternative. And we'd like to get to Heerenveen to introduce Teddy to my cousins.

The recent theme park geekitude has opened up the possibility of a bunch of foreign theme parking. We're not all that excited about Paris Disneyland per se. Efteling, Het Land van Ooit and Beekse Bergen look like a worthy addition to the Heerenveen trip. I've known about Tivoli for forever, but it had never occurred to me to actually visit. I've been through Copenhagen's airport (repeatedly) but never been out to the city. I did some digging around, and of course it is expensive BUT it looks like Denmark's families are well-served by their country's hostels (Danhostel). So I'm optimistic we'll get there sometime in the next few years.

We were kicking around other European destinations. We figure the bicycle-the-Loire-valley is going to have to wait for several years. We wouldn't leave the kid(s) at home for that, and at least one of them had better be able to contribute on a surrey/trailabike and they'd both better be interested in and knowledgeable about bicycling outings before attempting such a thing. I'm thinking I should go back and dig into farmstay options, however; it's not like we need to _avoid_ France, which is otherwise low hanging fruit from a language perspective.

R. has done Art in several countries I have not (sigh. Italy. sigh.). I figure trying to deal with Italian cities, or even Paris, with a toddler (much less two) is a disaster in the making. Never mind vehicle traffic; pedestrians can run you down in those cities. But BUT the cinque terra calls! Sure, cliffs, but I think we can keep him/them from falling off of cliffs. Cursory googling suggests other people have done it. Backpacking a kid around there sounds exhausting tho, so might want to wait until the wee one(s) is/are reliably mobile on their own, because clearly a stroller is a non-starter. Altho I have found a suitcase designed to hold the B.O.B. and I would not be averse to checking the jogging stroller for an overseas trip if I thought I could really use it. At least the kid can nap in it, unlike the MacLaren volo.

I'm matron of honor in June, and we've got an unmissable wedding in May as well. But I figure July or later we could do something. *rubs hands together with glee* Non-mandatory travel planning is _so_ much fun!

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