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Plugging my Other Blog

I know, you're thinking, what? I sort of feel that way, too.

Back in 1989/90 or thereabouts, a friend of mine convinced me to start hanging out on a bb at the University of Washington. When I graduated, I mostly switched to hanging out on rec.arts.books and rec.arts.sf.written. Some time in the late (or possibly middle) '90s, the same friend tried to convince me to start blogging, which I did not -- at that time -- do. During the middle 1990s, I had a minimalist website that has accreted ... stuff over time (a cookbook, and advice book, some travel writing, pointers to book reviews on this blog, movie reviews, etc.), once I resurrected it in 1998 or so.

All of that writing (with the exception of Leia at Hazard, which currently lives over on Google Docs and has been erratically available when someone was interested) has been non-fiction (there's another novel that I've never put up on the web, unless I've forgotten having done so at some point). When I do something regularly, even with interruptions, like writing non-fiction, I get better at it. And I don't write fiction regularly. I've done NaNoWriMo twice, once for Leia at Hazard, and once for a memoir-y project, but that's a very time-limited activity. Also, November is a terrible month for me to do a project (Disney trip + T-weekend).

All of which adds up to: hey, I should start a blog where I write fiction, the way I have a blog where I write non-fiction. I thought about doing it here on LJ and just tagging the fiction pieces, but decided that might be enormously confusing and not in a good way. I thought about setting up another account on LJ, but decided that I might try another platform, on the off chance I want to migrate from LJ to elsewhere at some point.

So here it is: http://achlum.wordpress.com/

It's at 4 posts right now: 1 55 word piece, 1 slightly longer piece, both of those too memoir-y to really be fictional, 1 administrivia introductory post, and an introductory scene from a contemporary fantasy universe I've been talking over with my walking partner for a while. She wants it to be set in the South; I'm a little reluctant to do that, so I'm leaving the geography vague at the moment. Shadowsbrook is a town of more than five thousand but fewer than twenty thousand and has a wildly high percentage of not-exactly-human residents compared to the surrounding society; it's a refuge and sanctuary. My walking partner and I have a bunch of very mildly humorous stories we wanted to tell, mostly involving everyday activities going ever so slightly pear shaped because of the nature of the town. I have a longstanding set of stories involving a dentist who specializes in serving vampires/werewolves/other supernatural people and my walking partner is okay with me importing these stories into her universe. We'll see how it goes.
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