walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Test post

This is the body of the post.

ETA: One last test of editing the original post to see if it shows up.

I am testing the cross-post feature from LJ to see how it works.

It looks like LJ won't offer the crosspost feature on friends-only posts (which is reasonable). I'd like to restart the mirror that FB used to support, but I want to make sure this looks okay before I proceed. It also looks like crosspost/don't crosspost is a one-shot choice -- you can't NOT cross post, go in to edit and have it crosspost.

This is the edited paragraph of the post. Does it appear on FB? This is the last sentence of the edited paragraph of the post.

Final edit: the appearance on FB is like "any linked media" -- you have to go to LJ in order to read the whole thing. I think that's good, as I prefer the commenting facility on LJ to FB (mostly, it supports longer/more edited commenting, which I think encourages more thoughtful and substantive comments than FB).

This is the end of the body of the post.
Tags: administrivia

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