walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

A Bit More About Malls

I've blogged about malls before. I'll point to this entry, because it includes some stuff about the Galleria gardening thing.


A friend sent me this link, because of this interest. I haven't responded to the email (thank you!) and do not at this moment in time have any particular remarks to make about the coverage, other than to note that the Cleveland Galleria has an Insanely Great person or persons doing marketing for them.


There may be some additions to this entry later. I'm currently in the middle of walking back through a year's worth (holy crap do I post a lot) of blog entries and tagging the genealogy related ones, since someone has very kindly put me on his blog roll and I'd hate to have the people showing up to look at the genealogical stuff have to put up with my other highly random interests.
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